Saturday, October 17, 2009

Wow, it has been a loooonngest time since i last blogged. Blogger has been having some problems.. And, i think it happens to me only. Blah! Why???!!!

Anyways, holidays are coming to an end soon. :( Next monday will be school again for me. Well, i have a really good rest during this hols, learning new stuffs as well as catching up with friends! Managed to work part time for a few occassions. Haha.. Really wanna thanked God for them!

i went to The Arts House for the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibitons. It's really cool to see all the ancient bibles and listen to the stories of how they came about. i actually get to see for myself the pages of the 1st bible that they've found and took picure with Martin Luther! There was this HUGE, OLD version of KJ bible was super duper heavy left on the table for us to feel and touch it! And of course, not forgetting about finding the secret door that makes us go crazy, posing and snapping pictures like mad! Haha.. Had a fun afternoon there with Marge, esther and Rostina. :)

Managed to meet up with candies, chien ting, hannah, amanda, lay chyi and mei ying! Really happy that the girls are doing fine!

Finally got to watch movies!!! Among all the movies that i've watched so far during the hols, i still love THE PROPOSAL the most! Haha.. Love the chemistry between the 2 actors. They're really great actors! Its the 1st time that i feel that hollywood movies can be so Korean-ish! *grins*

i've been on board Doulos! Have you? Well, Doulos is this huge ship that stopped at Vivo City for poeple to go on board and explore the life inside the ship. It had 300 people staying and living on board and is the world's oldest active ocean-going passenger ship. Cool right? i Had a fun time with Mag that day!

My beloved K2 kids have graduated! *sobs* So PROUD and HAPPY for them! They've really put in all their efforts for the show! ;) i really enjoyed their TERRIFIC performance!

i got to dance with my little cousin for the 1st time last week! Haha, finally can dance with him! He didn't reject me! He's really a gd dancer! Just give him 5 more years and he'll he as HOT and COOL like RAIN! *wHooOooo..

Not forgetting, ARMY OPEN HOUSE! Don't be jealous, i went there! Haha.. Saw Lots of cool stuffs there, both machines and guys! *grins*
Look at this FUNNY SIGN that i saw in an outside toilet!!!
Ok, i guess its time for me to pack my bags, comb up my hair and get ready for the last sem of my sch life in Ngee Ann Poly.

Yes, i will survive!

With God's help! :)

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Finally, blogger is back to normal. Have been trying to blog for a few occasions but blogger seem to have problems. Anyways, i'm enjoying my hols!

First thing to say, i received my FIRST ever teacher's day gift this year! i'm so touched! The church kids showered me with their self-made rabbit, books for me to read, soft toy ladybird bug and Amos even helped his mum to make a strawberry cheesecake for us! *grins* I'm so happy and surprised! Really enjoyed the time with them. :)

Life's really GOOD ever since hols start! Where shall i begin? Hmm, ok, let's start from Festival of Praise! I went there this year with my sis and hannah. I enjoyed the sermon by Mark Cornner! It was the 1st ever sermon that i absorbed so much! He was indeed a humorous and gifted pastor. :)

I've attended Jun Hao and Geok Choo's wedding as well! Their church is really nice and cosy. It was a romantic wedding to me! It must have been the interior design of the church. Haha.. After their wedding was picture time with my fellow LTP-ers!

He-Brews Cafe was a success! The organisers indeed changed t-junction into a real board game cafe! They even created their own menu, which was professional enough to be used in the market! I made new friends and had time to catch up with Joel and the rest of the army boys.

Not forgetting, birthday celebrations for my beloved friends! Starting with candies first, 2 members have their birthdays celebrated on the same day! Michelle and Maggie T! I love candies! These girls never failed to brigthen up my days! :) Gen and i tried to surprise mich and maggie but failed! Haha.. However, both of them still enjoyed the super yummy cake despite the fact that the cake was slightly melted. Well, we had some time to chat and catch up on one another's life! Made one phone call to uncle and we were chauffeured home to the doorstep! *grins*

Next was Fwah's birthday at Marina Barrage! We had a FUN time as usual, fooling around and taking lots of pictures! :) The weather was great that day! Its a pity we didn't brought our kites along to play.

YES MAN! i've watched the movie UP and THE PROPOSAL! (:

And oh, guess what my mum discovered when she cut the papaya one day? A star hidden inside! Pretty cool huh! Haha..

That's about all and of course, more to come! Can't wait!

i LOVE school holidays!!! :D

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yes, all ends well! Very well indeed!

My very last day was spent celebrating an early national day with the little ones. They sang, dance and acted for us to see. It was really entertaining. You could see on their faces that they mean everything that they've said and it was really cute! We acted a short skit for them as well. It was really an enjoyable day! i wouldn't have remembered or know so many national day songs without them! We practiced singing with them everyday after lunch time! i really enjoyed myself during this 7 weeks. i've learnt lots of things, see many things from different perspective and made many new little friends. i will miss them. Actually, i'm missing them right now already! Singapore Town is my FAVOURITE song! i'll never forget the little ones, NEVER!

Come to think of it, i kinda miss the whole process and wouldn't mind if i were to start all over again, but, except the assignments part! i really felt like a superwoman, that very night! The feeling was exhilarating, exciting and exhausting. Woooo.. I wouldn't wanna go through that again! Haha..

I went to the last day of festival of praise 2009. I love the lightings and the sermon! After which, we got a chance to step into ION Orchard. It's a pity that all the shops were closed already. Coolness.. i think i'll need 2 weeks to comb the entire building.

Well, Happy birthday, Singapore! Wow! Today was indeed an awesome night! i didn't manage to get the NDP show tickets again this year. Booo.. So got to catch the NDP show at home. I love the 60s and 70s ideas, and people coming out to sing and dance those "hippie" songs! Hahaha.. Uber cool!

Hopefully, this time round, i'll be able to try some new stuffs that i've always wanted to but didn't have the time. 1st on da list: Wakeboarding!
Stay tuned and


back! :)

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Teaching is not just talking, and learning is not just listening. ---Horowitz

Really enjoyed myself working with little ones! They are a bunch of challenging and fun people to be with. Indeed, all these weeks spent with them were fullfilling and enriching. :)

Celebrated one of their birthday on monday! Disney princess cake! :) Yummy chocolate cake!

Today was another well spent day with the little ones. Managed to catch a spider from home and brought it to show them! They were facinated by that little creature! All of us caught another spider at the playground when one of them notice something green moving while playing. This time round, that particular spider was green! Wow!!

i learnt from them that we should give thanks and be contented with what we have and be thankful to God in every small little things.

i'm beginning to miss them now. They always put a smile on my face. (",)

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sports Day was a BLAST today!

The little ones were so excited and happy over the medals that they've won! I am so PROUD of them! *grins*

Tall boy really did the class proud by doing his very best today! Although he fell twice, he picked himself up TWICE and continued on walking backwards to the end of the race! We came in third for the backward walk event! The little ones were elated when they heard the news!

Thanked god for the uber GREAT weather, the un-hot stadium tracks so that the little ones could crawl without feeling the heat on their knees. Wheee..

Today reminded me of my primary school days, cheering for my friends at the spectator seats and touching the medals won by my friends.

It was indeed a WONDERFUL day! Praise God!

I enjoyed myself today! Whoo Hooo! :)

11:20 PMy

National Day is coming soon! Haha.. Cute little flags that were made by the little ones.. :)

Today little ones were playing some manipulatives as they are preparing to go home soon! This was something made by them! Haha.. A uber cool RED bracelet! I was happy and surprised when he came to me with it and insisit that i wear it for him to see! :D *grins*

A few more hours before their BIG DAY: Annual Sports Day!
I'm excited for them! Whooo!

Alright, bedtime for me now.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

I can see the rainbow, see the rainbow tonight! Finally, my practical exam is over! Ecstatic and you can see me practically flying over the moon!!! *Whoots* i survived through my final year! All my efforts were paid off, the whole of last week staying up, cutting, pasting, gluing and colouring was worthwhile! Actually this happens like 2 days ago. But still, i'm happy. :) Celebration? YES, i did it by going to school for cca. Haha, i'm a loyal PSF-ian.

I kinda enjoy life now and don't mind staying like this forever. What more can i ask for if i can reach my destination by foot at five minutes and three minutes if i were to run. Haha.. No more squeezing buses and stading up for 1hr before reaching school.

Excited as many more upcoming programes are coming soon! Can't wait any longer!

Got to go off now!

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